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Untitled - Ana Mendieta Silhueta - 2022

This work is currently on display as part of the Level 6 Fine Art and Photography Interim Show at the Wolverhampton School of Art. This piece is very inspired by the incredible artist Ana Mendieta. I have been researching her for years as part of my 'Women in Art History' series. However I wanted to create an artwork that I could also flourish in, not just me making art about other women artists. Mendieta was fascinated with silhouettes, and that inspired the composition of the piece. Alongside this I love Mendieta's use of hair within her work, therefore I manipulated the yarn to give it a wild hairlike feeling. The energetic nature of the yarn for me is very inspired by Mendieta's feisty personality. 

Medium: Yarn, Hessian and wire

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