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Tensions of Hysteria - 2023

This artwork has been accepted into Woman Made Gallery Chicago's 'Roe vs Wade 2.0 it ain't over yet' group show. I created this piece due to my anger hearing how so many women in America do not have autonomy over their own bodies. The piece is called 'Tensions of Hysteria' due to the ancient Greek work for 'uterus' being 'hysteria'. This for me emphasising how misogyny is ingrained within our medical vocabulary. Tensions is an integral element to this work. Firstly the tension surrounding heavy topics such as abortion, and how a lot of people can become aggravated about the idea of abortion. Alongside this the tension of the yarn itself was crucial. I wanted to showcase numerous different punch needle tufting techniques to make this work look like how period pains feel like, and how as women we have to carry the burden of these tensions all day. It was very empowering creating work about such taboo topics, and making this work created a dialogue with my female friends about how we feel about these issues.

Medium: Yarn and hessian, hung using bulldog clips

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