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Vital Perfection - 2020

A piece of performance art about the effect of the pressures of beauty advertising on women. The title 'Vital Perfection' was inspired by an abhorrent advert by Shiseido that I saw in a magazine. They have a face cream advertised for anti - ageing called Vital Perfection... I mean come on, saying it's vital to be perfect... gross... this ad made me angry so I made this Cindy Sherman inspired artwork. In my hand I am holding the magazine and you can see the actual advert that inspired the artwork. I made this in my first semester of art school prior to me getting properly into photography, therefore as I didn't own a camera I used my iPad using the self - timer to take the photo, and a pile of books as my tripod. I guess you got to start somewhere.

Vital Perfection.JPG
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