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Women in Art History

The images you see here are from a project called ‘Women in Art History’. These images are cyanotype portraits of women who I feel have been overshadowed, perhaps by their spouse e.g. Lee Krasner, Elaine de Kooning. Or perhaps their artistic achievements have been accredited to men (Elsa von Freytag - Loringhoven). I have tried to pick a diverse group of women from all over the world, with different ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientations. Feminism is about empowerment for all women, and I wanted the project to reflect this. Multistory have gifted me a bursary to aid me with this. I also write from the perspective of the women post - death, therefore voicing their anger of how they have been treated since their death.

All of the photos of these incredible women are them in their element. In their studios, with their cameras, making art etc. This project has truly opened my eyes to how limited our view of art history is; and how many people have been purposely airbrushed from history. I have spoken in depth about this project on my podcast 'Feel Free Creatively'. I also did an art talk about the project at my secondary school Adcote School for Girls.


Now post the bursary I am now being a lot more ambitious with the project in terms of scale. I want to produce large scale cyanotypes on sari fabric and hang them with a light source behind them. The fleeting/otherworldly quality of the sari for me will reflect how these women's position in art history hasn’t been solidified. There are more connotations etc, however I want the viewer to interpret the work how they would like.


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