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You Should See Me as a Crown - 2023

This artwork was inspired by the stigma surrounding used sanitation pads. Furthermore the outrage I felt at the introduction of the 'Don't Say Period' Bill in Florida really inspired this piece. I felt that by creating work about such a taboo subject I could create intriguing conversation which otherwise may not have arose. I wanted to use the semiotics of beads to help portray periods in a more positive and accepting light.

The work is placed onto a plinth of cushions. I really took inspiration from the grandiosity of royalty. The coronation of King Charles happened during the realisation of this work, and the pomp and circumstance of this ceremony made me want to make a work of art mocking it. I want the sanitary pad to be seen as a crown (something that should be celebrated), therefore I mounted the work onto a cushion. Instead of having a plinth and a cushion on-top, I decided to make a plinth out of cushions. Further making a mockery out of the grand nature of the cornonation.

The title is derived from the Billie Eilish song, 'You Should See Me in a Crown'. This song, and her performances of it are always very dramatic, and I wanted to draw inspiration from the creative vision she had for that song for the title of my work. Furthermore it felt special having the artwork inspired by a female artist.

Medium: Mixed Media (cushions, sanitary towel, beads and thread)

You Should See Me as a Crown.png
You Should See Me as a Crown close up.png

Studio Shots of the work being made:

Images by Andy Newell

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