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How to start your own podcast

I created my podcast in February 2021. Therefore I have nearly two years experience single handedly running my own podcast. I also have experience working for my universities radio station, as well as years worth of experience of public speaking. I want to offer you individualised virtual tuition 1x1 with me. I can conduct the sessions by Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet.

You can see if you think I know what I am talking about by listening to my podcast here

I can offer you:.

Advice on microphones

Advice on podcast distributors (Anchor, Buzzsprout)

Advice on what equipment you actually need - so you don't go buying thing you don't really require

Public speaking guidance

Scripting help - to be fair I don't really 'script' my episodes as such, I prefer brief bullet points

Advertising guidance

Advice on how to stay motivated when listens are low

Logo design

How to name your podcast

How to edit your podcast on Lumafusion (this is the software I use, I have never used anything else)

How to add music to your podcast without Copyright Infringement

You can let me know which of these criteria you need help with, and from there I can see how many sessions we will need. Perhaps just a few at £19 an hour. To enquire please email me at

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